Hello. I'm a Wallflower.

Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic Permanet

Here is to the last boy …
The 3rd and last boy that I have ever liked before.


Well e here is complicated.
We weren’t friends, at first but we were enemies.
I despise him.
He’s arrogant, boastful, likes to think that he’s high and mighty and likes to tease everybody as if he’s the most perfect person in the world.
It’s annoying.

I started hating him when he started to annoy the hell out of me.
Maybe seeing me irritated by him, he started teasing me.
As if he knows me.
As if we’re close.
Then I lost it …
I told him to shut up in front of everyone.
My friends were calming me, to let it go but he got into my nerves and I totally lost it.
He just laughed at me.
Can you believe that?
Here I am really angry with him and he just laughs.
From then on he started talking to me and at first I told myself,
Why would I want to talk to this jerk?
But he was persistent and we became friends.

I can now tolerate his teasing because I almost know everything about him.
He was very forthcoming when it comes to his feelings.
We talked about his love life and guess what?
He’s a notorious womanizer.

My friends became his friends but everything was about to change.
He liked one of my friends.
He courted her and they held hands.
They were very sweet and very couple-y.
He introduce himself to her mom but well the girl’s mom didn’t approve and that’s the last time I seen her.
I hated him for that.

I count the times he actually did something stupid and repulsive to made me hate him.
Trust me its uncountable but I don’t know why I liked him at some point?

It’s because he knows how to deal with girls.
He’s kind of an “expert” when it comes to the woman raise.
He flirted but I didn’t gave in even though I have an undeniably attraction to him.

I kinda liked him from afar, even though we are close.

He’s the first boy to ever hugged me.
He’s the first boy to ever put his arms around me.
He’s the first boy to ever flirted with me.
He’s the first boy that I ever consoled because he was heart broken.
But we didn’t became something more.

I realized that I was done with playboys and womanizers.
I’m done with trying to be scared about getting hurt again.

You asshole!
I hate you. Forever.
I don’t know why I wasted my feelings for you.
You are smart, cunning and always one step ahead of us girls.
I didn’t know why you have to break every one of those girls hearts?
Are you repulsive on breaking girl’s hearts?
Are you sadistic?
Do you like seeing them hurt?
Do you like seeing them fall for you?
You are the worst boy I have ever met.
I didn’t know what came over me and why the hell did I ever liked you.
You will never change.
As I’ve said a playboy is always a playboy.
Keep this up and you will die with a hundred girls hating you until the end.
Karma’s a bitch you know.



Fifty Shades Of Grey

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Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

My love for this trailer ….is REAL!

My love for this trailer ….is REAL!

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I’ve never wanted more, until I met you.

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Mr. Grey

Mr. Grey

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